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The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

NOVEL Steering Committee
Thursday, March 24, 2005
East Greenbush Community Library

Present: Alrutz, Baaklini, Backman (representing Roe), Barraco, Bolton, Borges, Cunningham, Desch, Duncan, Ericson, Hiebing, Janowsky, Kuntz, Little, Lynch, McCain, Redmond, Storms, Stripling, Todd, Welch

Absent: Courtney, Crumlish, Firestone, Hatch, Huxley, Kadamus, Kaplan, Knight, Meierhoffer, Shaloiko, Walsh

Recorder: Lorraine Deitz

Welcome and Approval of Minutes-Dottie Hiebing

Ms. Hiebing welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly our newest members: Stephen Bolton, Gail Barraco, Jerry Kuntz and Barbara Stripling, and expressed appreciation to Randy Ericson for his assistance as Co-Convenor since September 2004.

The January 27 conference call draft minutes were approved (Little moved; Alrutz seconded; motion passed).

As an introduction to the Steering Committee for the newest members, Dottie requested a listing of NOVEL accomplishments:

State Librarian's Report-Janet Welch

There is still a hope that there will be an on-time budget. In separate budget bills, the Senate and Assembly have agreed to the five percent.

The NYICE proposal (New York Institute of Cultural Education) is strongly opposed by both houses of the legislature.

Mrs. Welch updated the group on the funding for NOVEL, which is part of the New Century Libraries proposal.

NECAT Report-Jerry Kuntz

Mr. Kuntz gave an update of the NOVEL Electronic Collections Advisory Team (NECAT). They will recommend what role NOVEL may have in promoting access to non-fee databases, particularly those developed by state agencies; e.g., the State Archives. For the benefit of our new members, Mr. Ericson mentioned that NECAT is an advisory group that makes recommendations to the State Librarian. Ms. Todd referred to the NOVEL Databases Fact Sheet that is included in the handouts, pointing out that the fact sheet and all the materials included in the NOVEL Tool kit have been updated to reflect the additional Gale Virtual Reference titles.

Portal Advisory Committee-Randy Ericson

Mr. Ericson gave a brief history of the work of the portal task force. It began with a series of seven one-hour demonstrations by vendors last Fall. In January, the State Library retained the services of John Richardson, President of einfo Dynamics LLC, as a consultant to the Task Force. The State Library issued a Request for Solicitation for a pilot project for a NOVEL portal to run from April 2005-April 2006. Eight vendors responded and the Task Force invited three vendors to make detailed presentations in February. The Task Force then recommended Web Feat as the vendor for the pilot project. Web Feat will create one interface for NYSL and a second interface for the NOVEL databases. Fourteen libraries have been selected to participate in the pilot. It is hoped that the pilot will commence in April 2005.

DMV Remote Access Project Update-Mary Redmond

Ms. Redmond provided a demonstration.

Working Groups

Ms. Hiebing asked that the members of the groups think about emergent issues that NOVEL should possibly consider down the road; e.g., How can NOVEL be most effective despite financial restraints?

Portal Group-Tom Alrutz

  1. What are the implications for libraries of portal development in the next 2-5 years?
  2. How will portals affect library catalogs?
  3. Who will be affected by these changes?
  4. How can we help libraries throughout the state to benefit from the trends?

Databases-Mary Redmond (for Diane Courtney)

Between now and 2008, consider your own library, and answer these questions:

  1. What's likely to occur in database development that will change how we access information?
  2. Who will be affected by these changes?
  3. How can we help libraries throughout the state to benefit from the trends?

Speaker's Bureau Update




Ongoing Legislative Visits/Training Kate Storms
Ongoing SLSA w/Mary Ratzer Tool kit-Web Gail Barraco
Ongoing NOVEL Workshops w/Schools Gail Barraco
Now 'til May Legislative Aides/NOVEL Training/Tutorial Mary Redmond
April 30 NYSALB Trustees Institute Carol Desch
National Library Week May 3-4 Library Displays and NOVEL Demos in Legislative Office Building and on Empire State Plaza Concourse Kate Storms, etc.
June 3Rs Meeting Dottie Hiebing

Action Items

Future Meetings

Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 10 AM Conference Call
Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 10:30 AM (Albany Public Library)

Meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

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