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The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 25 2009
10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Albany Public Library

Present: Weisman (Lead), Bartle, Borges, Burke, Conroy, Desch, Duncan, Elliott, Fiske, Gilloon, Gundrum (for Penniman), Heebner, Hogan, Howe, Knab, Krupczak, Legendre, Margolis, McRae, Pope, Todd, Tuliao, Wyrwa

Absent: Bardyn, Bower, Choltco-Devlin, Cannell, Ebert, Eggleston, Hatch, Janowsky, Katzin, Kendrick, Kramer, Mayo, Roe, Serlis-McPhillips, Walsh, Woodward

Recorder:   Deitz

Welcome/Roll Call/Approval of Minutes (Sarah Conrad Weisman)

Ms. Weisman welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially our new State Librarian, Bernard A. Margolis, who was meeting with the Steering Committee for the first time.  

The minutes of the January 14, 2009 conference call were approved:  Hogan moved; Heebner seconded.

Remarks by Bernard A. Margolis

Mr. Margolis stated that he was looking forward to working with the Steering Committee members. He spoke of the importance of information as a force in the economy – “a robust economy rests on a comprehensive information service.” The NOVELNY program has a vital role to play in that economy.  Flat, temporary funding for NOVELNY constrains the program. How do we support needs both foundational and high-end niche?

Legislative Update—Bernard A. Margolis/Carol A. Desch/Michael Borges

Mr. Margolis explained the depleted state of the Cultural Education Fund that supports New York State Library operations. There are bills introduced in the Legislature, Assembly Bill A-6783 and Senate Bill S-3640, to stabilize the fund.

Action Item:   Ms. Desch will email the Assembly Bill regarding Cultural Education funding to the Steering Committee.

NECAT Report—Maribeth Krupczak/Sarah Conrad Weisman et al

Ms. Krupczak expressed her appreciation to members of NECAT (Sarah Conrad Weisman, Sue Bartle, Sheryl Knab and Peg Elliott) for their efforts the past several months.  They analyzed results from the Statewide survey and the LSTA evaluation and used information from a Nylink product assessment to determine what products would be suitable for meeting NOVELNY needs.  Addressing a long-requested need, the NYSL budgeted for a general encyclopedia.  The new suite of databases should be launched on April 1.  Over a short period of time, Amy Heebner has been working with vendors to set up database trials and URLs, and log-in options.  An FAQ has been established to answer transition questions.  

Discussion of database selection process and looking ahead:

There was considerable discussion and many specific ideas were captured. These will be shared with NECAT (NOVELNY Electronic Collections Advisory Team). In brief:

Federated Search (Liza Duncan)

In 2004, the Steering Committee began work on implementing a novelnewyork portal.  This coincided with a New York State Library investigation of federated search.  The NOVELNY portal was launched using driver license access as the authentication to the federated search product.

The Steering Committee agreed to continue federated search at the novelnewyork.org site, but will look into other product options, such as open source, for the future.

Publicity/Statistics—Maribeth Krupczak et al

The following comments were part of a brainstorming session:

Action Item:   Steering Committee members will be asked via email to identify an interest in publicity, data analysis/technical improvements and success stories workgroups and to meet virtually before the June 10 conference call. 

Action Item:   NECAT will meet before the June 10 conference call.

NOVELNY Success Stories Update—Sue Bartle

Ms. Bartle presented a sample slideshow and blog about NOVELNY success stories. The NYSL can create a link to the site from the novelnewyork website. The Erie 2 page will be revised with the NOVELNY branding, the URL will be shortened and audio will be added. Local training opportunities could be posted on the site. Steering Committee members are encouraged to post their success stories. More possible sources of input: people from the survey willing to share their experience and NYLA panel members from three years ago.

Ms. McRae suggested having a contest for librarians to collect anecdotal information or add their experience with NOVELNY and enter their name for a prize à la YouTube.com contests. (Facebook is not an option for the K-12 environment.)

Action Item:  Ms. Bartle will email the link to the revised web page to the Steering Committee.

Action Item:   Steering Committee members should send Ms. Bartle content for the web page:  sbartle@e2ccb.org

Statewide Education and Information Program—Linda Todd

Ms. Todd gave a brief history of the project.  See the Marketing and Communications Plan at:  http://novelnewyork.org/marketingplan.php.  In 2007, it was decided to redesign the NOVEL web site with input from the Steering Committee.  In October 2007, the Ivy Group met with the Steering Committee and previewed the redesigned web site.  Toolkit materials were prepared in 2007 and can be accessed at http://novelnewyork.org/librarians_toolkit.php

Toward the end of 2008, the remainder of the money in the contract was used to develop—in partnership with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles—an insert to accompany driver license renewal notices.  The insert is in English and Spanish and promotes access to the suite of NOVEL databases with a New York driver license.  The insert will reach two million people a year beginning on April 1 through March 31, 2010.  The NYSL will review statistics to see the effect on NOVEL usage.


The meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Remaining 2009 Steering Committee Meetings/Conference Calls:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 2:00-3:00 PM Conference Call

Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 10:30 AM-2:30 PM
East Greenbush Community Library, http://www.eastgreenbushlibrary.org/

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