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The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

NOVEL Steering Committee
Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Albany Public Library, Albany, NY

PRESENT: Thomas Alrutz, Gail Barraco, Bill Crumlish, Liza Duncan, Randy Ericson, Dottie Hiebing, Cara Janowsky, Janie Kaplan, Maribeth Krupczak, Mary-Alice Lynch, Sara McCain, Mary Redmond, John Shaloiko, Kate Storms, Barbara Stripling, Linda Todd, Janet Welch

ABSENT: Soumaya Baaklini, Stephen Bolton, Michael Borges, Diane Courtney, Diana Cunningham, Carol Desch, Tracey Firestone, Carey Hatch, Carole Huxley, James Kadamus, Wanda Knight, Jerry Kuntz, Kitty Little, Christine McDonald, Kathleen Roe, David Walsh


Welcome/Introductions/Minutes -- Dottie Hiebing

Ms. Hiebing welcomed everyone to the 25th meeting of the NOVEL Steering Committee, with a special welcome to Library Development's newest staff member, Maribeth Krupczak, Library Development Specialist 1.

The minutes of the May 18 conference call were approved: Randy Ericson moved; Bill Crumlish seconded.

State Librarian's Report -- Janet M. Welch

2006 Regents Legislative Priorities for Libraries

Regents priorities are in line with NYLA priorities.

State Library Director Search -- The State Education Department launched a national search for a permanent director of the Research Library this month. The announcement is posted on the State Library web site.

Update on Library Development Staffing -- Good News! The State Library recently filled two Library Development (LD) Specialist 1 (librarian expert consultants) positions. Bad News! LD Specialist staffing continues at crisis levels with work backlogs growing each day. Three of twelve LDS positions are now vacant.


NECAT -- John Shaloiko (Gail Barraco, Randy Ericson, Cara Janowsky, Janie Kaplan, Sara McCain, Kate Storms, Linda Todd) -- The members of the NOVEL Electronic Collections Advisory Team (NECAT) have discussed the ongoing endeavor to trial new databases; e.g., history and Grolier Online Encyclopedia, and the need for long-range planning and a possible survey to determine other databases or groups to target and the evaluation process. These issues will be discussed in future meetings of the Steering Committee.

Portal Demonstration -- Liza Duncan -- Ms. Duncan demonstrated the New York State Federated Search Portal Pilot Project, in which 14 libraries partner with the Research Library to test federated search engines. It is a tool that retrieves authoritative information as opposed to the type of information obtained through Google. Phase 2 starts in a few weeks, with Albany Public Library as the test library. The pilot project ends March 31, 2006, at which time there will be an evaluation that will, hopefully, have enough validation to continue the project. Both Messrs. Alrutz and Crumlish expressed their appreciation to Ms. Duncan and the staff of the State Library's Research Library for seeing the project to fruition as the project far surpasses their fondest wishes.

Driver License Access -- Mary Redmond -- Our agreement with the Department of Motor Vehicles enables people to get into the NOVEL databases with a driver license or non-driver license ID, in addition to accessing the databases from their local libraries. Even though the service is still in test mode, there have been 200 users per month already and many libraries have linked the URL www.novelnewyork.org to their home pages.

Ms. Redmond will work with staff to prepare publicity on the program for use during an upcoming State Education Department press conference, along with press releases, print-friendly flyers and tool kits so local libraries and library systems can announce the project.

LSTA Five-Year Plan Evaluation -- Sara McCain -- The State Library's internal work group has met twice to discuss the scope of the evaluation. As they begin to work on the RFP for an outside evaluation of NOVEL, they would like to have members of the library community involved. As the work of the evaluation proceeds, we will also be collecting information for development of the next LSTA five-year plan which also needs involvement of the library community. The work group noted that we have a lot of statistical information about NOVEL but not significant documented information about its value--to libraries and to users. That seems a likely path for the evaluation to take. Questions to consider: How should the NOVEL Steering Committee be involved in the evaluation of the federal LSTA Five-Year Plan, which is due in April 2007, and the development of the next LSTA Five-Year Plan? Mr. Ericson stated that the Steering Committee should be involved in the review of the plan either during a meeting or via listserv, and will provide information for the evaluation. Ms. Lynch suggested that an early draft of the RFP be shared with the Steering Committee so members can assist in its development.

NOVEL Invitational Training Grants -- Linda Todd -- In the summer of 2004, the State Library awarded 62 NOVEL Invitational Training grants. These grants started in September 2004 and ended in June 2005. After the grant period ended, State Library staff "mined" the valuable information contained in the reports and created a NOVEL Invitational grant web site entitled "Lessons Learned." The web site consists of several pages containing statistical data, anecdotes, training and promotion tips, as well as links to online tutorials and other electronic resources developed through the grant program. Linda Todd demonstrated the web site to the Steering Committee and invited Steering Committee members to submit improvements/suggestions to her by Friday, October 7. The web site will be shown to the library community at the NYLA conference as part of the Saturday program showcasing four unique NOVEL Invitational grants. Ms. Todd expressed her appreciation to Sara McCain and Maribeth Krupczak, as well as student assistants, Sam Cook and Heather Courtney, for their work on the NOVEL Invitational Training Grants Project.

Ms. Stripling requested a run of the numbers by types of libraries to show low search numbers in school library systems. In the past, more than half of our search numbers have been from academic libraries. Kate Storms will run the search numbers again by types of libraries.

Ms. Welch indicated that although there are 5,000 libraries registered to use NOVEL, 2,000 libraries are NOT using NOVEL-almost entirely school libraries. The Regents introduced this issue in their topic, "Closing the Achievement Gap." Ms. Lynch suggested the numbers could be used in negotiating NOVEL databases with vendors and would also be of interest to legislators.

Statewide NOVEL Education and Information Program -- Linda Todd -- There will be a statewide education and information campaign to promote the NOVEL databases. The RFP was issued in the beginning of June; bids came in at the end of July and were reviewed in August. Feedback may be requested of the Steering Committee on a deliverable plan that includes developing different types of media. Ms. Todd will report on the developments during the next Steering Committee meeting.

NYLA Conference, NOVEL Meetings, Poster Session -- Linda Todd -- Linda Todd distributed a handout listing all the programs and displays sponsored by the State Library at the October 2005 NYLA conference. She will contact Wanda Knight and confirm her participation at the Poster Session. Mr. Alrutz will represent the Steering Committee at the NOVEL meeting and will make some introductory remarks on behalf of the Steering Committee. Mary Redmond will coordinate preparation of NYLINE messages to promote State Library programs at the NYLA Conference.

Small Group Reports

Portal -- Liza Duncan -- The Portal Group discussed the future of Federated Search in New York State and concluded they would like to continue the service and model it on the present pilot configuration. Then every library would be able to add their individual databases at a discount worked out with the vendor. The group also discussed IP and patron ID authentication, funding and being able to sustain assistance to other libraries without overwhelming staff of the State Library. The goal is that Webfeat will eventually work directly with the libraries.

Databases -- John Shaloiko -- The Databases Group recommended identifying a group of expert librarians around the state that could help review databases that are available for trial. They discussed confidentiality and asking people outside of the Steering Committee for recommendations on who should be invited to participate and also suggested that guidelines be developed for this work. Selections would be based on the type of library--PULISDO, SLSA and 3Rs can recommend based on geographic areas around the state. There might be a pool of 10-25 participants in the trial, with an expectation that people would complete some type of review format/web survey. Expectation would include comparison of like databases. A long-range collection development plan for NOVEL databases will be discussed at a future NECAT meeting.

*****Speakers Bureau*****




September 15 NOVEL Demo for NYS Senate Fellows Kate Storms
September 16 NOVEL Update at RAC Meeting, METRO Mary Redmond
End of September Updating Upper NYS and NY Area MLA Chapters, Lake Placid Janie Kaplan
October NOVEL Demo for State Education Department personnel Kate Storms
October 26-29 NOVEL Programs/Poster Session at NYLA Linda Todd/Wanda Knight
November 17 NYLINK's Showcase Mary-Alice Lynch
End of the year Teaching and Learning Retreat, Department of Education, New York City Barbara Stripling

Future Meeting Dates

Based on a poll of members' availability, the following future meeting dates have been set:

NOVEL "Onward and Upward" Festivities/Reception

Certificates of recognition were presented to Dottie Hiebing, Co-Convenor, and departing Steering Committee members with many thanks for a job well done: Thomas Alrutz and Bill Crumlish. Diane Courtney and Diana Cunningham were unable to attend the meeting and will receive their certificates in the mail. The outgoing members of the Steering Committee will continue to be on the listservs so that they can be informed of future developments.

Action Items

Future Meetings

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. for the farewell reception.

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