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photoFor All NOVELNY Users

The following online training resources are offered by vendors who have products included in the NOVELNY offerings. These are generic materials which are not specific to the NOVELNY program, but will provide some familiarity with the vendor search interfaces and features.

Database Features and Online Tutorials

An online tutorial is also available as part of the product. Click on the "Go Tutorial" link after accessing the database and clicking on the Librarians/Educators tab.

Gale Support
After entering your library’s Gale location ID, click on “Training Center” and choose from some of the following links:

    • On-Demand Training
    • Recorded Webinars
    • Additional Training Materials -- includes scavenger hunts and exercises, tip sheets, lesson plans, help with research and reports, on-demand tutorial videos and more

ProQuest Support; choose from the following links:

    • K-12/SIRS, eLibrary, CultureGrams, and K-12 Learning Tools
    • News & Newspapers

In-Library Training
Check with your library for training classes that may be available to you. And, of course, your librarians will be happy to assist you in person or over the phone.

Training for Librarians

On-Site Training

Librarians may arrange for training through the database vendors:

Gale Support

ProQuest Support

Webinars (online interactive presentations) are available at no cost

The links below provide information for upcoming webinars and links to recorded webinars.


NOVELNY Training Page

General Gale Training Site

Scholastic Training Links


NOVELNY Archived Webinars | Upcoming Webinars

General ProQuest Training Site

This page last updated August 18, 2016.