Added November 18:

Gale InfoTrac Collections - Direct URLs

The collections with asterisks contain some unique content and some content that is also available in Academic OneFile and/or General OneFile. The number of unique titles is indicated. The other collections completely overlap with Academic OneFile and/or General OneFile.

The decision to use direct URLS for some, all ,or none of the InfoTrac collections is the choice of each library.

Creating individual links to the InfoTrac Collections:
Each Location ID follows this basic format: nysl_xx_xxxx. Please replace the xx_xxxxs in the following URLs with your library's Location ID found at the end of the URL currently used by your library to access the Gale-Cengage databases.

Agriculture Collection * (contains 30 unique titles)
Business Economics Theory Collection
Communications & Mass Media Collection
Computer Database
Criminal Justice Collection
Culinary Arts Collection * (contains 12 unique titles)
Diversity Studies Collection
Environmental Studies & Policy Collection * (contains 7 unique titles)
Expanded Academic ASAP
Fine Arts and Music Collection
Gardening, Landscape & Horticulture Collection * (contains 21 unique titles)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Issues Collection
General Business File ASAP
General Science Collection
Home Improvement Collection
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection * (contains 39 unique titles)
Information Science & Library Issues Collection
Insurance & Liability Collection
Military and Intelligence Collection
Nursing and Allied Health Collection
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection
Pop Culture Collection
Popular Magazines * (contains 1 unique title)
Psychology Collection
Religion & Philosophy Collection
Small Business Collection
Vocations, Careers & Technical Education Collection
War and Terrorism Collection
World History Collection