The NOVELNY Program : Marketing Plan
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Statewide Marketing & Communications Plan

  • Increase usage, support, and visibility for NOVELNY.
  • Promote the value of public library cards and the professional skills of librarians.
  • Encourage exploration of library online resources by loyal library customers.
  • Develop new partnerships and strengthen collaboration.
  • Make library staff across New York the best ambassadors for NOVELNY.


  • Explore partnerships with Google and other search engines and/or vendors to drive information-seekers to NOVELNY and to simplify authentication.
  • Create an attractive, compelling, comprehensive website that sets the standard for ease of access, navigability, and brand development. Integrate RSS feeds and other value-adds to the main page..
  • Reserve more market-friendly URLs (e.g.,
  • Create an online toolkit that offers all New York librarians access to marketing tools for online resources.
  • Target DMV license renewals to promote library card registration and the benefits of local library use in addition to NOVELNY.
  • Always restate the name ("New York Online Virtual Electronic Library") and add a tagline (e.g., "Putting New Yorkers in the Know," "NOVELNY Drives Good Grades," "NOVELNY Drives Prosperity," "NOVELNY Puts You in the Information Driver's Seat") to eliminate the confusion created by the product name and convey a ready understanding of what NOVELNY is all about.
  • Eliminate jargon that confuse customers; formulate messages that stress product benefits; and provide real-life examples of how NOVELNY is used in situations that will resonate with individuals hearing about NOVELNY for the first time.
  • Integrate "@ your library" and card registration messages into all marketing communications;
  • Use public relations activities to support all campaign initiatives. Stories will highlight how real people use NOVELNY to get information that is important in their lives and will focus on databases that are of the greatest interest to the most people.
  • Upgrade graphics standards; standardize all publications; create distinctive brand elements.
  • Emphasize key messages, summarized as NOVELNY´s "Brand Promise."
  • Initiate discussions with vendors to solicit support for partnering in promoting the product.

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