The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

NOVEL SC Conference Call
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
10:00-11:00 AM, Room 10C47

PRESENT: Alrutz, Brink, Courtney, Crumlish, Desch, Douglas, Ericson, Hatch, Hiebing, Johns, Knight, Little, Lynch, McCain, Monahan, Shaloiko, Welch

ABSENT: Baaklini, Cannell, Cunningham, Ebert, Huxley, Janowsky, Kadamus, Kaplan, Keitel, Meierhoffer, Nichols, Redmond, Roe, Storms, Todd, Walsh

RECORDER: Petrocelli


Ms. Hiebing moved to approve the minutes of December 4, 2003. Minutes were approved.


  • Executive budget proposal includes 5% cut (about $4.4 million) in statewide library funding to $84.4 million. NYPL special funds for CUNY and SIBL are cut 15% from 2002-03 level ($450,000). Proposal to separate Office of Cultural Education from SED and form a new entity called New York Institute for Cultural Education (NYICE) is also included.
  • If State funds are cut by 5% that triggers an automatic cut in federal LSTA funds of 5%. In addition we are facing a potential loss in LSTA funding because it is population-based and New York is losing population in proportion to other states. We are facing some challenges in regard to NOVEL funding.
  • The Research Library is experimenting with a 24/7 reference pilot.
  • The Regents Advisory Council members will be meeting in February with key legislators. While NYLA Library Day is very important, it comes late in process this year and we need many voices heard now.
  • Ms. Hiebing noted that the NOVEL Steering Committee would like to see NOVEL moved to State funds this year.
  • NYLA Legislative Committee will be meeting on Friday, January 30.
  • NOVEL Steering Committee suggested asking systems to muster remote users via their web sites. Could there be something that says ".if you value this service (NOVEL) let your NYS legislator know", then click on legislator's names? Maybe libraries that are using NOVEL could put something on their web sites?
  • There will be a PULISDO conference call January 28. Members will discuss 5% cut.
  • The 3R's meeting will be on January 28.
    Ms. Hiebing noted that Assemblywoman Galef's advice is to encourage constituents to write to their Assembly members and ask them to write letters to the Speaker re restoration of library funding and NOVEL. These letters need to be sent by February 12. Assemblywoman Galef said those letters were crucial last year.
  • Janet and Carol also met with Senator Farley's staff to discuss NOVEL. The Commissioner met with Senate Subcommittee on Libraries.
  • Dottie Hiebing noted that she has a sample letter she can share with NOVEL Steering Committee members. Letters are more effective than e-mail. Fax letters, follow with regular mail.

ACTION: Ms. Hiebing asked Janet Welch to send more information on the Executive Budget to the NOVEL Steering Committee.


Portal Group

  • Tom Alrutz reported. The Department is ready to launch the Virtual Learning Space (VLS). The Portal Group and the State Library are anxious to get a method of authentication so teachers can get access to NOVEL databases directly from the VLS portal. The State Library is moving forward with the Department of Motor Vehicles on using drivers' license numbers as authentication. The State Library expects that this will be implemented at the time of the VLS launch or shortly thereafter.
  • The State Library would like to hire someone to work on NOVEL portal development. It may be possible to use existing OGS contractors as long as the dollar amount is under $50,000. John Meierhoffer is checking on who already is under state contract and might be suitable.
  • Tom went to exhibits at ALA looking for things that might serve us as framework for portal. AGENT is one possibility, a product of Autographics. Tom will send the web site address to NOVEL Steering Committee listserv. Tom asked everyone to look at the specifications drawn up for the NOVEL interface or portal. Will be using that document to start working on development of a portal.

ACTION: Send feedback on Portal Specifications document to Tom Alrutz as soon as possible.

Electronic Resources Group

  • John Shaloiko reported. The NOVEL Electronic Collection Advisory Team (NECAT) will be meeting on February 3. Members include: Jerry Kuntz-Ramapo-Catskill Library System, Public Library Systems; Gail Barraco, Broome-Tioga BOCES-School Library Systems; Randy Ericson---NOVEL Steering Committee; and John Shaloiko-3Rs. John met with NYSL Database Team in December to talk over NECAT issues. The team has identified agenda items including bringing Jerry and Gail up to speed. One of the first tasks is to look at what databases may need to be cut if we lose federal money.
  • Randy Ericson will report on the NECAT meeting at the February 19 NOVEL Steering Committee.


  • Mary Brink was invited to a meeting called "Power of USNY", held at Niagara University. Meeting was called by Chancellor Bennett. This may be a group we should be involved in. Sara Johns also interested in those meetings.
  • John Monahan - most of district superintendents of BOCES have had their regional meetings on NCL including NOVEL databases. Also, he did presentation on NOVEL at beginning of January for teachers in his BOCES.
  • Tom Alrutz - had third Borough advocacy networking meeting. Library resources training sessions for city and state legislators and staff members scheduled for March and April.
  • Dottie Hiebing - sponsored training on NOVEL databases for legislative aides in NYC. Total of 35 people -very successful. Some could not attend so have rescheduled session for February 5. Assemblywoman Sandra Galef and Julie Marlett visited Dottie to talk about 3R's councils, then visited an academic library at Pace University.
  • Wanda Knight will be presenting to a curriculum and leadership group in February. Also having system conference on March 26. Will do workshop for librarians to introduce to their faculty and parents, etc. to NOVEL.
  • Linda Todd will be doing NOVEL demo at NYLA SLMS meeting in Buffalo in March.
  • Linda Todd and Ed Roche from EBSCO are going to do NOVEL databases training for students at SUNY Albany School of Information Science and Policy on February 10. The students will then go out to schools in the Albany BOCES area and will work with classroom teachers and school librarians to develop K-6 math unit starting first with doing research and using NOVEL databases, then work on developing unit. There will be a showcase presentation for math teachers in the Albany BOCES at the end of the semester.
  • Professor at SUNY Albany has library school student interested in doing independent study on school libraries. Joe Mattie and Marilyn Douglas will be talking with professor and student about a suitable project.


  • OCLC is developing a statewide group catalog proposal, which will be a way of elevating the visibility of New York libraries holdings so that when you do a WorldCat search, New York libraries would appear first. Robert Smith has met with Liza Duncan, Carol Desch, Mary Redmond, and Marilyn Douglas to discuss this new product. The target date for completion of a pilot is early February. Robert Smith will attend the February 19 meeting and provide a demonstration.


February 19, 2004, Librarians Room, 7th Floor, Cultural Education Center, New York State Library.

ACTION: The State Library will send information to NOVEL SC about directions, parking and lunch. You will not need visitor pass since the 7th floor is a public floor.

Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings

Thursday, February 19, 2004-10:30 AM, Librarians Room, [7th Floor, Cultural Education Center, Madison Avenue, Albany]
Tuesday, March 9, 2004-2:00 PM Conference Call
Tuesday, April 13, 2004-East Greenbush Community Library
Wednesday, May 19, 2004-10:00 AM Conference Call
Thursday, June 10, 2004-Albany Public Library


  • Ms. Hiebing asked Janet Welch to send more information on the Executive Budget to the NOVEL Steering Committee.
  • All NOVEL SC members should send feedback on Portal Specifications document to Tom Alrutz as soon as possible.
  • The State Library will send information to NOVEL SC about directions, parking and lunch. You will not need visitor pass since the 7th floor is a public floor.