The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

NOVEL Steering Committee
Thursday, January 27, 2005
Conference Call

Present: Alrutz, Barraco, Bolton, Borges, Courtney, Crumlish, Desch, Ericson, Firestone, Hiebing, Janowsky, Kaplan, Knight, Kuntz, Little, McCain, Redmond, Shaloiko, Storms, Todd, Welch

Absent: Baaklini, Cunningham, Duncan, Hatch, Huxley, Kadamus, Lynch, Meierhoffer, Roe, Stripling, Walsh

Guest: John Richardson

Recorder: Deitz

Welcome and Approval of Minutes -- Dottie Hiebing

Ms. Hiebing welcomed everyone to the 22nd meeting of the NOVEL Steering Committee, with a special welcome to Randy Ericson on his first formal meeting as co-convener and our newest members: Gail Barraco, Stephen Bolton, Tracey Firestone and Jerry Kuntz.

The September 14, 2004 draft minutes were approved as amended (Tom Alrutz moved; John Shaloiko seconded; motion passed).

NOVEL Portal Update -- Mary Redmond

Ms. Redmond provided an overview of the project, with a timeline:

  • Vendor response is due Monday, January 31.
  • Vendor demos will be scheduled for the end of February. A message will be posted on NYLINE at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
  • The final version of the invitation should be available a couple of days after the posting of the FAQs.
  • Both the FAQs and the invitation will be available for review on the web site:

Ms. Redmond's update was followed by remarks from John Richardson, who has been working with Liza Duncan on the project. He mentioned that due to end of the academic year timing concerns, a decision was made to have a pilot program as Phase 1. Libraries will be selected and the eight vendors will be contacted toward the end of February/early March. (T D Net was added to the original list of seven vendors.) Mr. Richardson will send a complete listing of the vendors and a report will be ready for review at the March 24 meeting. Based on Mr. Shaloiko's suggestion, the FAQs will be updated to indicate that the successful vendor will be recognized as an OGS vendor.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the representatives on the Steering Committee: Messrs: Bolton, Ericson and Shaloiko or posted on the NOVEL SC listserv.

Mr. Alrutz extended his congratulations to the group on bringing the project to fruition.

DMV Remote Access Project Update -- Mary Redmond

Ms. Redmond referred to her e-mail message about the neutral prototype pages and publicity and thanked everyone for their comments. We now have a domain name -- -- and are moving along on publicity plans. She will summarize in an e-mail. We will contact PULISDO, NYTRO and SLSA members, and Central the Library Directors. In communicating with the systems, we will indicate that we would like their help in getting information to the local libraries. We have a contact person in the Department of Motor Vehicles who will help with publicizing information.

NECAT Update -- Randy Ericson

Mr. Ericson gave a brief overview of the NECAT group for our new members: NECAT is an advisory group that looks at the databases that are included in NOVEL, determines what databases to provide in NOVEL, and makes recommendations to the State Librarian.

At their last conference call, the focus was on the upcoming business databases subscription renewal. Mr. Ericson sent an analysis of the various products to the members of the NECAT group. NECAT will complete the evaluation soon and make recommendations for purchase to the State Librarian.

State Librarian's Report/NOVEL Legislative Demos -- Janet Welch

NOVEL demonstrations are an effective way to promote and increase interest in NOVEL, and at the same time increase legislative awareness of libraries. The State Library's NOVEL (and other databases) demonstrations will be expanded for 2005.

Personnel Issues at the State Library -- Janet Welch

We are still struggling to replace the many people who have recently retired from the Library Development staff. Within the last two years, we have incurred a loss of approximately fifty percent of our staff and the loss is expected to be greater in the future. Mrs. Welch asked for continued support and patience as tasks are reassigned.

Budget Issues -- Michael Borges

Mr. Borges discussed the New York Institute for Cultural Education (NYICE) proposal which has been proposed for the last four years and is once again contained in the Executive proposal NYICE would be a public-benefit. The Governor would appoint the majority of the NYICE Board and the first Board Chair and an executive director, taking control of the activities of the State Library, Museum, Archives and Public Broadcasting. The New York State Legislature currently appoints the Board of Regents, which oversees these activities. If the NYICE proposal is realized, control of state and LSTA federal funds will shift to the Governor's Office.

The State Legislature is opposed to the NYICE proposal. The NYLA Legislative Committee will discuss the proposal at its meeting next week. Frank Mauro, Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute (formerly with the Cuomo administration) will give an explanation of the budget situation at the Legislative Committee meeting. Ms. Hiebing mentioned that members of NYLA will receive e-mail regarding the Court of Appeals decision. If you are not a member of NYLA, consider joining. Mark your calendar for NYLA Library Day, Tuesday, March 15, and plan to participate.

Kathy Miller is Chair of the Legislative Committee. Contact Kathy ( or Steering Committee members Alrutz, Borges and Crumlish with your concerns.

Reminder: Legislative budget hearings are scheduled on February 8 (Higher Education/Office for the Professions) and February 14 (EMSC/VESID/Cultural Education). NYLA Library Day is Tuesday, March 15.

Action Items

  • The FAQs will be updated to indicate that the successful vendor will be recognized as an OGS vendor-Mary Redmond.
  • Mr. Richardson's vendor list and a report will be ready for review at the March 24 meeting-Mary Redmond.
  • Mary Redmond will provide an e-mail summary of the DMV Remote Access Project to NOVEL Steering Committee members-Mary Redmond.
  • Lorraine will send reminders about our next meeting [10:30 AM on March 24, East Greenbush Community Library] including directions and lunch information.


Thursday, March 24, 2005, 10:30 AM, East Greenbush Community Library

The meeting adjourned at 11 AM .