The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2003, 3:00-4:00 PM

PRESENT: Alrutz, Courtney, Cunningham, Desch, Douglas, Fisher, Hiebing, Huxley, Janowsky, Johns, Ebert, Lynch, McCain, McMorran, Monahan, Nichols, Petrocelli, Redmond, Roe, Shaloiko, Knight,Welch

ABSENT: Baaklini, Brink, Cannell, Crumlish, Hatch, Kadamus, Keitel, McCormick, Meierhoffer, Ra, Walsh

Dottie Hiebing welcomed everyone to the conference call.


  • Janet Welch reported. NOVEL is top priority for State Library and is moving ahead. We are anticipating full LSTA funding this year. We will be replacing Dialog Carl. NOVEL Steering Committee work continues to be very important, despite proposed cuts and impact on library systems across the state. Expect to spend $2 million on databases - do not expect increase. State aid cuts would also affect next year's LSTA. Need to be working hard on library advocacy.
  • Lynch said the current federal budget is operating on continuing resolution - definite on half of money for this year. Things look more positive at federal level than at State level.
  • Sara McCain said that IMLS has to work out details as to how much each State will get.
  • Dottie mentioned that the accomplishments of the NOVEL Steering Committee in less than a year, have been significant. Tom Alrutz commented that we need to pull all segments of library community on the same track.
  • McMorran feels committee members need to make a stronger commitment to attend meetings.
    John Shaloiko recognized State Library staff for working on data survey so quickly.
  • Tom Alrutz said the fiscal climate has potential impact to stop NOVEL work. Concerned about our ability to maintain momentum and maintain participation. Need to think of how we can thrive in environment without financial support to do everything. May need to to brainstorming. Dottie will add this issue to next meeting agenda (March 19).
  • Sara Johns suggested the Committee look at survey that Minnesota people did (see website). There are 84 pages of comments from school librarians - supportive comments as to how databases helped information, literacy. They are fighting to maintain funding for databases and other services. Can we do survey quickly enough to try to show support for databases and other services or find another way to get "stories" to use as "ammunition"? ommittee will view website and bring comments to next meeting.


  • Loretta asked how data survey results and current newspaper survey coordinate. Linda Todd reported that the database team has been looking at replacements for Dialog, trying to involve people who are actually using databases which is why we came up with brief newspaper survey. Other survey did not give us information we needed. Survey went out to NOVEL-DB listserv - people who have registered with databases. Replacing Dialog was listed as top priority at original NOVEL SC meeting. John Shaloiko said the results from the survey last Fall identified new sources as highly desirable category but did not delineate how newspaper database should look.
  • It was suggested that notice re expiration of Dialog Carl should go out on NYLINE - might inspire people to advocate for NCL.
  • Janet Welch said continuity is an important issue in selection of databases. Janet needs recommendations. Janet will make final decision on selection.


  • Dottie asked for reports from workgroups and where they see their groups moving in the next few months.
  • John Shaloiko commented. Following items need to be resolved: Sign-off on selection acquisition and marketing policy; What the role of State Library would be in terms of handling negotiations in the absence of state aid subsidy; Determine how to report survey results; If and when to invite other databases players to have discussion with NOVEL-SC; Determine how to evaluate current NOVEL databases; How to structure and select database advisory group.
  • Telecommunications Group (Marilyn Douglas, Tom Alrutz, Bill Crumlish, Carey Hatch, Chuck McMorran). Marilyn Douglas reported. Telecommunications group is moving ahead with plans to meet with BOCES Regional Information Center directors. Would like to get Janet Welch on meeting agenda to bring up issue of NOVEL - ties in with Commissioner and Janet Welch meetings with BOCES to discuss NOVEL.
  • Carey Hatch will arrange conference call to discuss telecommunications issues relating to academic community.
    Had conference call with Gates person to talk about public library access to Internet, etc. We don't have enough information re what kinds of connections are out there, what kinds of access they support. If you have suggestions of people to contact who may have some insight on how to improve telecommunications infratstructure, let Marilyn Douglas know.
  • Portal Group (Mary Redmond, Sara McCain, John Meierhoffer). Sara McCain reported that the Portal group has not yet met.
  • Dottie Hiebing and Carol Desch attended demonstration at ALA on portal being developed at Colorado State Library. The Colorado portal could serve as a model for other states. Carol said they are willing to come and demonstrate the portal. Carol gave materials from that meeting to members of portal group.
  • Kathleen Roe said the Historical Records Advisory Board meets every year. There is some concern that there should be discussion about what would be best to digitize statewide, regionally, locally, and how historical records repositories should be part of the discussion. Dottie said there will be a joint planning committee set up between the Archives and NOVEL-SC. We do want to work with SHRAB. NOVEL-SC does not have formal group but we will be doing something around digitization.


  • Mary Redmond reported. To date, Mary has received about 14 messages from around the state from volunteers who are willing to make visits to demonstrate NOVEL databases. This is a great opportunity to go to offices and show what people can do from their own workstations. Demos are presented as educational rather than advocacy. Sara Johns suggested publicizing visits made so people in other areas are aware.


Next meetings of NOVEL Steering Committee are: March 19, April 30, and June 6 at Albany Public Library, and July 8 at NYLINK. Meetings are also listed on web.