The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Conference Call
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Present: Weisman (Lead), Bower, Choltco-Devlin, Currie, Desch, Duncan, Ebert, Elliott, Heebner, Krupczak, Pope Ryan-Linder, Santangelo, Schumacher, Todd

Guests: Lisa Areford, Tom Ruller

Absent: Bartle, Borges, Cannell, Eggleston, Garvey, Gilloon, Hogan, Jaeger,  Kendrick, Knab, Kramer, Margolis, Morea, Roe, Walsh

Recorder:  Krupczak

Welcome/Approval of Minutes - Conrad Weisman

Ms. Weisman welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the February 23, 2012 conference call were approved:  Pope moved; Santangelo seconded.

NOVELNY Database Program Update - (Ebert, Conrad Weisman)

  • The committee provided guidance into the selection of NOVELNY database products including an encyclopedia product.  The State Library is still awaiting final procurement approvals. NYLINE announcements will be made as soon as possible.
  • Thanks again to the Steering Committee for a thoughtful review and recommendations for selection.

Statewide Internet-Ready Levels Chart - (Krupczak)

This is an update on action taken since the Committee’s February discussion. The State Library had received comment from public library directors in one region about the scheduled training benchmark in the levels. The Steering Committee agreed on the continuing importance of training in various modes as part of a successful Internet Ready library. Committee members Shirley Bower and Michael Santangelo worked with Krupczak to review the language regarding training in every level of the table.

Action: The table has been updated to address the concern at the Basic level and adds language to the Leader level to recognize innovation in training delivery methods.

Next Steps for NOVELNY Pilot Project - (Desch/Ebert)

BACKGROUND: The Regents accepted Creating the Future: a 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Service in New York State as a planning document in April 2012 and directed  Deputy Commissioner Cannell to begin organizing implementation of the plan. Creating the Future replaces the Regents Commission document of 2000 which had given birth to NOVELNY and the Steering Committee during its implementation. The new plan is expected to create a need for other advisory groups.

  • This seems to be an appropriate point to conclude the work of the NOVELNY Steering Committee and dissolve the Committee.
  • The NOVELNY database program will continue to be supported by the State Library.
  • The internal NOVELNY will be moving forward with new staff as Lisa Areford replaces Maribeth Krupczak on the NOVELNY team.
  • The State Library is monitoring changes in procurement regulations and procedures for the flexibility they may offer to a database program going forward.
  • The State Library will increase its communication of database program activities through NYLINE and NOVEL-DB messages and by the inclusion of NOVELNY updates during regularly scheduled conference calls with each type of library system.
  • The State Library will consider having some conference calls for updates open to all librarians in the state.

Committee members agreed that the timing for the change was appropriate. They expressed the importance of good communication, especially with a product change imminent. As one member put it, “NOVELNY is the longest pilot project ever. It is a good time to transition.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned and the call concluded at 12:35 pm.