The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

East Greenbush Community Library
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
10:30 AM-2:30 PM

Present: Weisman (Lead), Bartle, Borges, Bower, Burke, Conroy, Duncan, Ebert, Eggleston, Elliott, Fiske, Garvey, Gilloon, Gundrum (for Penniman), Heebner, Hogan, Janowsky, Knab, Kramer, Krupczak, Margolis, Mayo, McRae, Morea, Pope, Ryan-Linder, Santangelo, Sidman (for Kendrick), Todd

Absent: Cannell, Choltco-Devlin, Currie, Desch, Hatch, Legendre, Roe, Serlis-McPhillips, Walsh, Woodward, Wyrwa

Recorder:   Deitz

Welcome/Introductions/Approval of Minutes —Sarah Conrad Weisman

Ms. Weisman welcomed everyone to the meeting and participants introduced themselves following a special welcome to four of the newest members of the Steering Committee:

Jeffrey M. Garvey, Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown
Mike Morea, Nassau Library System
Christina Ryan-Linder, Mid-Hudson Library System
Michael Santangelo, Brooklyn Public Library

The minutes of the June 10, 2009 conference call were approved: Hogan moved; Burke seconded.

Legislative Update—Bernard A. Margolis

A $2.1 billion budget gap is projected in the current State budget. Not all New York State Library (NYSL) aid for 2009-2011 has been released.

The New York State Higher Education Initiative (NYSHEI) passed both the Assembly and Senate, but includes no money. It is a vehicle for future action. NYSL's role is not specifically mentioned. The Governor's people are leaning toward not supporting it on principal because the Governor has made a decision not to fund new programs. We need to look at different sources of revenue-ARIA presents a new avenue. Mr. Margolis encouraged the group to review the ARIA proposal:  (

Mr. Borges reported on NYLA's efforts in the budget arena.

Ms. Todd addressed whether a cut in state aid money would reflect a cut in federal aid (under the Library Services and Technology Act-LSTA) which funds NOVELNY . The deficit will come to light when the NYSL files their final reports in December. New York-along with many other states-will file for a waiver in our Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requirement.

DMV Insert and Impact—Linda Todd/David Fiske

Ms. Todd gave a brief history of NOVELNY for the new members, discussing the Statewide Education and Information program, which was followed by a PR campaign by the Ivy Group to promote NOVELNY usage-most recently through DMV mailings, and the current quiz developed by Mr. Fiske for the 2009 Summer Reading Program: .

Ms. Elliott suggested posting the number of children who participated in the quiz on the website.

NOVELNY Electronic Collections Advisory Team (NECAT) Report—Sarah Conrad Weisman, Amy Heebner, et al.

NECAT realizes that the time of year the NYSL changed to the new suite of databases was not convenient to everyone and will try ways to address that in the future. However, earlier notice will leave very little time to evaluate the databases, get feedback and make any changes. NECAT is considering the addition of some free health resources. These will not replace Nursing and Allied Health and Health and Wellness, but are a starting point. There is a wide range of information available through the internet and through ProQuest Platinum in the current NOVELNY databases.

Key points to consider in the selection of future databases:

  • What is our expectation from the vendors in terms of standards and measurements?
  • Consult use statistics to compute cost per article.
  • How unique is the database compared to others?
  • Is the focus of NOVELNY diluted by adding free databases?

Federated Search—Liza Duncan

Ms. Duncan provided some background for the new members. A pilot federated search tool was set up in 2004-05 for NOVELNY and the databases of the New York State Research Library. Members of the NOVELNY Steering Committee and the New York State Research Library decided on WebFeat. Serial Solutions is now merging with WebFeat and ultimately will be called 360 Search. Testing on novelnewyork and the New York State Research Library site (including bar code testing) will begin December/January for WebFeat users. WebFeat's administrative console will be available for customization. The final migration to 360 Search will occur by the end of 2010.

In the meantime, we can either use 360 Search or both. The NOVELNY annual subscription expires in July 2010. The committee discussed continuing Federated Search on the novelnewyork site.

Dropping Federated Search will not result in additional money for databases. Driver license access is a very important part of NOVELNY and is tied to Federated Search as a means of authentication.

Action Item: Federated Search will be added to the list of Work Groups with Ms. Duncan as the NYSL resource person and Ms. Gilloon.

Reports from Work Groups

  • Technical Improvement/Data Analysis-Mr. Hogan Mr. Hogan will lead the group, soliciting thoughts/concerns, along with Mr. Morea, Mr. Santangelo, and Mr. Fiske as the NYSL representative. Instruction and use, screencasting can be addressed in the TI/DA work group along with workflow issues such as registration.
  • Publicity-Nothing to report
  • Success Stories-Ms. Bartle (Lead), Ms. Eggleston Another web site was put up in August; the doorway URL will be ready in the next month. Social networking software (e.g., Facebook) will be explored in the future to collect "success stories" from people using NOVELNY resources and to investigate technical and workflow improvements.

The Work Groups will convene between now and our January/February conference call and report back at the spring in-person meeting. They should feel free to use the NOVEL-SC listserv to convene a group or to solicit additional volunteers. As of today's meeting, following is the makeup of the Work Groups:


Ms. Weisman (Lead)
Ms. Bartle
Ms. Elliott
Ms. Heebner
Ms. Knab
Ms. Krupczak (NYSL resource person)

Technical Improvement/Data Analysis

Mr. Hogan (Lead)
Meredith Case (representing Mr. Penniman)
Ms. Choltco-Devlin
Ms. Elliott
Mr. Fiske (NYSL resource person)
Mr. Morea
Mr. Santangelo


(Lead-to be determined)
Ms. Todd (NYSL resource person)
Ms. Wyrwa

Success Stories

Ms. Bartle (Lead)
Ms. Eggleston
Ms. McCrae

Federated Search

Ms. Duncan (Lead/NYSL resource person)
Ms. Gilloon

New York Comprehensive Information System (NYCIS) and Its Relation to NOVELNY —Loretta Ebert

How do you build on NOVELNY to have something bigger and more comprehensive? How do you go about creating a very user-friendly support system of information across New York State? Simply aggregating a license and getting value discounts is another way to get better pricing, along with negotiating with the vendor. There is a great deal of inefficiency in how we license resources. Maybe we could look at segments/sectors. NOVELNY is just one sector. If you build a tiered model which has NOVELNY as its base, work collaboratively with vendors-tell them what we want to pay, rather than them telling us what we need to pay, and find different ways to generate money to support these programs and appeal to the "powers that be."

Action Item: Mr. Santangelo will send the group a link to his article in Library Journal.

The Office of General Services (OGS) can get contracts, but cannot procure. NYSL staff met with OGS representatives regarding the statewide purchase of databases. There is a Taxpayer Responsibilities Office which is looking for ways to reduce inefficiency in state spending. The Statewide purchase of databases is a good example of how the state can save money, but we need to find a way to make this functional. Vendors like the idea of a centralized payment rather than individual accounts. There is interest in a different way to purchase databases. The next step would be to run some pilots with some vendors-buy some databases for two to three months at a time, see who is subscribing, who is interested in subscribing, and negotiate with vendors. Savings would come from less spending by individual institutions and the contribution of State aid. (Suggestion: Cut out the middleman-go directly to the publisher.)

Action Item: Send Bernie Margolis or Loretta Ebert suggestions on ways to move forward to try to make even a little bit of progress, act collectively, be there at the table, so the vendors and the publishers are aware of a change in our position.


  • Federated Search will be added to the list of Work Groups with Ms. Duncan as the lead/NYSL resource person and Ms. Gilloon.
  • Mr. Santangelo will send the group a link to his article in Library Journal.
  • Send Bernie Margolis or Loretta Ebert suggestions on ways to move forward to try to make even a little bit of progress, act collectively, be there at the table, so the vendors and the publishers are aware of a change in our position.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Remaining 2010 Steering Committee Meetings/Conference Calls:

Wednesday, January 13-9:00-10:00 AM Conference Call
Thursday, April 22-10:30 AM to 2:30 PM In-Person Meeting (East Greenbush Community Library)
Wednesday, June 9-10:00-11:00 AM Conference Call
Wednesday, September 22-10:30 AM to 2:30 PM In-Person Meeting (Albany Area)