The NOVELNY Program : Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2003
Albany Public Library
Albany, NY

Present: Alrutz, Baaklini, Cannell, Courtney, Crumlish, Cunningham, Desch,
Douglas, Ericson, Hatch, Hiebing, Janowsky, Johns, Kaplan, Little, Lynch, McCain, Redmond, Roe, Shaloiko, Storms, Todd, Welch

Absent: Brink, Ebert, Huxley, Kadamus, Keitel, Knight, Meierhoffer, Monahan, Nichols, Walsh

Recorder: Deitz

Welcome and Introductions-Dottie Hiebing

Ms. Hiebing called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM. Members of the Steering Committee introduced themselves, and the group welcomed our two new members, Janie Kaplan and Kitty Little.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting and the last conference call were approved. Mr. Alrutz moved and Ms. Johns seconded the motion that the September 18 meeting minutes be approved; Mr. Ericson moved and Ms. Courtney seconded the approval of the minutes of the October 22 conference call.

Next Meeting Dates-Dottie Hiebing

Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 10 AM Conference Call
Thursday, February 19, 2004, 10:30 AM, NYS Library Librarians Room*
Tuesday, March 9, 2004, 2 PM Conference Call
Tuesday, April 13, 2004, 10:30 AM, East Greenbush Community Library
Wednesday, May 19, 2004, 10 AM Conference Call
Thursday, June 10, 2004, 10:30 AM, Albany Public Library
*[7th Floor, Cultural Education Center, Madison Avenue, Albany]

Report of the State Librarian-Janet Welch

LSTA funding for NOVEL-prospects for the coming year

At the present time, it looks like there will not be enough money for NOVEL databases after 2004. We want people to say to the decision makers that if they want to have ongoing services it has to have state funding. The decision what to cut will be made by the State Library NOVEL team working closely with the Novel Electronic Collections Advisory Team (NECAT). We are eager to turn a bad situation into an advocacy tool; 4,600 libraries use NOVEL so we hope there will be substantial outcry.

Branding of NOVEL

For advocacy, training, etc., either users or providers of NOVEL databases need to know they are using NOVEL databases. During a recent NOVEL demo, the primary questions were from trustees to their library directors as to whether their library had NOVEL. We need to be sure that trustees, our primary advocates for libraries, are aware of NOVEL. Some school librarians also do not realize that what they are using is NOVEL. Systems are being asked to brand NOVEL so that there is an awareness of NOVEL. Only fifty percent of the systems are conforming to the guidelines for NOVEL on the NOVEL website.

Advocacy for New Century Libraries

Mr. Shalaiko hosted the fifth meeting of the group held across the State with the Commissioner of Education, to focus on non-library representatives-trustees, Friends of the Library, and others, to get them into the library fold. Mr. Shalaiko spoke about the primary advocacy issue.. Representatives of each of the libraries-hospital, school, public, 3Rs-as well as Member of Assembly Sandra Galef addressed the group. A local State Senator made a strong point about the lack of communication between the Board of Regents and the Senate Republicans. The Governor and the Legislature will be dealing with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) issue--how to equalize funding for education--particularly in the New York City area. Where NCL fits into CFE remains to be seen. At the meeting, Ms. Keitel recommended getting a personal letter to the Governor "right now" pointing out how additional money for library impacts on his agenda. We need to visit all of our legislators both personally/in house and on NYLA Lobby Day. Cuts on the state side can negatively impact LSTA. Ms. Galef said that in talking to the Legislators and the Governor, we have a strong talking point now in that libraries and library systems save New York State considerable money. Expect to have $6-8 billion deficit. Getting NCL has both NOVEL, staffing issues, urban equity issues-Legislature needs to understand the power of that message. Urban equity issue, particularly in New York City, but all urban areas (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse) will be affected as well.

Information Awareness Session-Randy Ericson/Carey Hatch

We viewed two PowerPoint presentations on cross-searching software.

Mr. Ericson demonstrated LinkFinder Plus/Endeavor, information systems which is used at Hamilton College. They are trying to develop a link from various databases to full text information and trying to go directly from a citation found on line to the electronic product.

Mr. Hatch demonstrated the Ex Libris/SFX software, using the SUNY Binghamton site.

GALE is not particularly open-URL friendly, while EBSCO is. This has an impact on which databases are purchased.

*****Meeting reconvened at 1:55 PM for afternoon session*****

Digital Media Archive-Kathleen Roe

Ms. Roe spoke about digital developments in the Office of Cultural Education, a collaborative work on the part of the New York State Library, New York State Archives and New York State Museum. The group strived to combine the richness of the resources to the customer needs, and adopted common technical standards and policies regarding copyright issues and sensitive customer issues. They are trying to move digitization forward for all three areas and constituencies around the State. State Historic Resources Advisory Board (SHRAB) is preparing a grant to go to NEH in July concerning the Latino community in New York State-resource collection and dual language. The idea is to make it as publicly accessible as possible. Some of the grant work is being done in house; Cornell is doing the rest.

Reports from NOVEL Subcommittees


The feedback form needs some more revision. Cara Janowsky will review it and comment to Mr. Shaloiko within a week; Mr. Shaloiko will provide it to the entire committee in mid-December.

Four members have been recommended for the NOVEL Electronic Collection Advisory Team (NECAT): Jerry Kuntz-Public Libraries; Gail Baracco, Broome-Tioga BOCES-School Libraries; Randy Ericson-NOVEL Steering Committee; and John Shaloiko-3Rs. The chair will be elected at the first meeting, which will be held in January 2004. Mr. Shaloiko will meet with State Library representatives in December to develop a list of discussion items. Ms. Douglas will contact the NECAT Team with the January meeting date. Many meetings will be held via conference call. With the potential cut in funding, discussion may address which databases to delete rather than which to add. Ms. Hiebing stated that the NECAT Team should be talking about the relationship of their group to the NOVEL Steering Committee.

NOVEL Databases-Customer Evaluation-This is a big issue which will require more discussion.

PORTAL GROUP-Thomas Alrutz-Co-Chair

The group reviewed the status of the Department's Virtual Learning Space (VLS) initiative; expected launch is January 2004. Initial focus will be teachers and administrators, with a content of learning standards and performance indicators-looking at content that exists within the Department website that can be used in an efficient way. It may be possible to use with Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license algorithm as a means of authentication to get to NOVEL databases.

They reviewed the Department's OCLC/Gates portal initiative. Ten states were represented at the meeting. They were looking at developing tools for continuing education, policy and technical assistance. Focus is to provide a website for library development in these states-not suitable for NOVEL. The group is looking at available resources in New York State--$50,000 identified from LSTA funds to develop a prototype portal. See the three-page draft NOVEL background statement, "NOVEL Prototype Interface or Portal," prepared for the recent NYLA Conference which is the summary from all those participating regarding first steps for the portal. Recap: In order to move ahead, we need personnel and resources-Do we need to have something developed? Hire a contractor to develop a website? The initial target audience is small libraries-those libraries using NOVEL databases only and those libraries who are registered but not users: colleges/academic, public libraries, school libraries, hospital-small, simple The members of the Steering Committee need to review the document regarding the criteria and functionality of a NOVEL portal.

Speakers' Bureau-Dottie Hiebing

A NOVEL tool kit is now available on the NOVEL website. The NOVEL tool kit site has talking points, PowerPoint presentations, logo, fact sheets, a brochure, etc. If you would like to add a tool to the kit, contact Marilyn Douglas.

Speakers Bureau List-Recent and Upcoming Promotion of NOVEL Throughout the State

Two Borough Advocacy Network Meetings
November 2003
Tom Alrutz
Two information sessions with legislative aides
December 2003
Dottie Hiebing
New York City
New York State Reading Association Conference
December ?, 2003
Janet Welch
Library Resources Training Sessions for City and State Legislators Tom Alrutz
SUNY Evening Class Kate Storms and Linda Todd
Church Group Kate Storms
Queens Branch Staff-Annual meeting for technical service Kitty Little
Queens-Seminar for Non-librarian professionals
December 11 and 18, 2003
Kitty Little
NYAM Fellows Janie Kaplan
CICU (date) Bill Crumlish (info)
Council of Deans of Medical Schools (date)
Legislative Office Visits
Diana Cunningham
Friends of the New York State Library
State Education Department-Main Building
Holiday "Decorate a Column" features "Have a NOVEL Holiday" with the NOVEL logo used on "ornaments" featuring greetings from around
the world.
Marilyn Douglas


Upcoming Steering Committee Meetings

Tuesday, January 27, 2004-10 AM Conference Call
Thursday, February 19, 2004-10:30 AM, Librarians Room, [7th Floor, Cultural Education Center, Madison Avenue, Albany]
Tuesday, March 9, 2004-2 PM Conference Call
Tuesday, April 13, 2004-East Greenbush Community Library
Wednesday, May 19, 2004-10 AM Conference Call
Thursday, June 10, 2004-Albany Public Library

Action Items:

  • Janet Welch/Mary Redmond/Carol Desch will think about targeting legislators for the December meeting at METRO and will advise Ms. Hiebing.
  • Ms. Hiebing will send a report to Ms. Cunningham.
  • Contact Ms. Douglas if you'd like to add anything to the NOVEL tool kit.
  • Committee will review "NOVEL Prototype Interface or Portal" document and comment to the Steering Committee.
  • NECAT and NOVEL Internal Team will meet in January. Ms. Douglas will set up meeting.
  • Lorraine will work with staff to get the September and October minutes up on the website.
  • Lorraine will mail out packets to people unable to attend today's meeting.
  • Ms. Janowsky will review the feedback form and comment to Mr. Shaloiko within a week. Mr. Shaloiko will provide the feedback form to the entire committee in mid-December.
  • Mr. Shaloiko will meet with State Library representatives in December to develop a list of discussion items. Ms. Douglas will contact the NECAT Team with the January meeting date.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.