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Library Registration

To participate in the NOVELny program, and receive access to the databases at the library level, a library must meet certain qualifications and be registered. If registration is done online, the information provided by the library is used in connection with providing access to the databases, and is stored in an internal database maintained by the New York State Library. As necessary to provide database access, some of this information will be shared with commercial database vendors providing products which are part of the program. Registered libraries can expect some contacts via e-mail from time to time, in connection with administration of the program.

NOVEL-DB Mailing List

Libraries or individuals who subscribe to the NOVEL-DB e-mail list will receive e-mail updates on developments and opportunities related to the NOVELny program. E-mail addresses are not used, nor shared, for other purposes.

Individual Users

New York State residents can access NOVELny databases by entering their New York State Driver License number, or Non-Driver Identification number issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The number entered by an individual is checked to verify that it is a valid number, and, if so, authorized access to database products is allowed (at which point, the number is not retained).

The New York State Library does not have access to the DMV database, so has no capability to retrieve any personal information related to a driver license or non-driver identification number.

IP numbers are recorded but are not routinely used for data collection. The database vendors do not collect any information about individual users. In certain instances where we solicit public input online, IP numbers are collected and retained for the sole purpose of identifying and deterring hacking or spam attacks to the Web site.


Cookies are used by database vendors to indicate a user is authorized to access their products, in order to simplify access by reducing the number of times users must enter their identification number.